PRO-PAL is a programme for teaching pros to help Tennis First grantees compete on a level playing field. Some of our young players – who we think have 250 senior ranking potential – could be left behind in their development for lack of opportunity. 


Opportunity costs money. And for some parents they may need to find as much as £70,000 each year. So they need to be resourceful AND find some help.


Tennis First is often part of that help and PRO-PAL is your opportunity to contribute. It’s designed to help achieve 3 things:


 1. Spread the Tennis First word by signing up to receive our newsletters and/or by following our social media channels. 


2. Encourage pupils and tennis interested friends to do likewise by directing them to us. 


3. Boost our resources by donating the income from at least one lesson a year. Or even better, organise a mini fundraiser. That way you can join with fellow pros, pupils and friends to make a more valuable contribution.


If you need to chat through fundraising options or anything else about PRO-PAL drop an email to Cath at cath@tennisfirst.org.uk. We’ll do our very best to help you help us!

If you are happy to sign up to PRO-PAL, then please click on the button and follow the simple instructions.