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Tennis First and LifeJacket Pair Up

It’s heating up this week and many of you will be hitting the courts to get your long awaited tennis fix. We are pleased to announce we have recently teamed up with LifeJacket, a skin protection brand aimed at men. Unfortunately, men are nearly twice as likely as women to die from skin cancer and skin cancer deaths are forecast to double over the next 20 years.

Set up by three friends with a love of being active, outdoors and healthy, LifeJacket’s mission is simple. To halt the increase in male skin cancer by offering a range of high performance products designed especially for men that they will enjoy using.

To read more about their story and the facts, learn more through their journals or to explore their range of products, simply visit their website. Not only can Tennis First supporters get 10% off their first purchase by applying the code TENNISFIRST at checkout, but Lifejacket will then match that with a 10% donation to us. Everybody wins!

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