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Grantees shine at U16 Nationals

Last week saw the U16 age group compete at the National Championships on the grass at Surbiton Tennis Club. There was a lot at stake, with the winners in each singles event being awarded a wildcard into Junior Wimbledon and the runners' up being awarded a wildcard into the qualifying event of Junior Wimbledon.

There were Grantees-a-plenty (past and present) in all the draws and some excellent performances throughout the week.

The final results were as follows:

In the Girls Singles event, Eva Shaw was the winner and Ranah Akua Stoiber the runner up. In the Boys' Singles event, Hugo Coquelin took the title and Fabio Nestola was the runner up.

The Doubles events saw Mimi Xu and Hephzibah Oluwadare winners take the title over Isabelle Lacy and Giulia Lesa, whilst Luca Pow and Henry Searle winners beat Phoenix Weir and partner Kyle Hughes. Many Grantees reached the semi finals of all the events and there was some terrific tennis on show with great promise for the future. Congratulations to all!

Next up is the U18's!

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