Previous Grantees

Tennis First chooses it’s players independently and is flexible enough to direct resources where they are most needed. That could mean extra coaching; specialist advice (e.g. physical training, psychology); travel expenses; or contributions to academies.

Grants are awarded annually and grantees must re-apply annually for further funding, allowing the Grants Board to assess progress and ensure that the player is still on track to becoming a Tour player.

2021-2022 GRANTEES

“Emma performed well in Jr ITF events and the longer she had to stay in the draws the more costly it became.  Tennis First funding made a great impact in the help to prepare and measure against the best players in the world. Also we have enjoyed the opportunity that Emma had to give back to the sponsors and we have also benefitted from some wise independent advice!” 

—  Ian Raducanu (parent of Emma, TF Grantee)


All applications for grant aid must be received by December 20th each year for the following Grant Year beginning in April. The Grants Board considers all applications beginning their work in November.

The applications are scrutinised, and there follows a period when questions raised by the Grants Board are researched, with a final conclusion being reached in January/February.